Commercial real estate has a level of risk that many owners prefer a reputable Property Management company service. We are in the business of commercial real estate and that is it. We do not bring on real estate agents and we only recruit licensed brokers to maintain the highest quality of service for our clients.

We have different levels of property management to serve you minimally or continually. We understand that some owners are more hands on then others; therefore we have a property management plan that will meet your needs.

Biz Real Estate conducts monthly inspection of all properties and visits with tenants bi annually to make sure your customer is satisfied with their place of business. We have found that when landlords have a property manager that cares and is attentive to their needs, small or big, then tenant retention increases.

The less vacancy you have results in more income for you and if you intend on selling the investment at anytime in the future, protecting the cap rate will attract more buyers. After all getting 10-12% capital rate of return is more attractive then 3-6% of return.

Protecting your investment is what we do. To help us help you, we have a client log in and data base specific for property management which allows you to access your property details at anytime. Find out if the property has been weatherized for winter. Find out if the leaking sink has been fixed or any other service issues are open. Find out if your rent has been paid and if not why or where is the tenant. You will be able to access accounting at your fingertips to see the value of your assets and calculate income.

If you are looking for a location and want to take the steps to be in business for as long as you want, call Biz Real Estate.

If you find yourself behind or in need of some help to get up to speed, call us.

If Biz Real Estate sounds like a fit to serve as your Commercial Property Manager give us a call and we would be happy to see if you are a fit for us.

Biz Real Estate, “Connecting people with properties.” (801)436-7599



Sorry, we don’t manage residential properties but we are willing to give you a couple referrals of companies we feel confident about. If you are already registered client with Biz Real Estate you can find a list of companies in the Real Estate Resource directory. If you are not then you may want to register, to gain access to the treasure trove of tools. If you call and ask about residential real estate you will be directed back to this web site to become a registered user.   Thank you for your interest. Biz Real Estate.


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