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Biz Real Estate is here to listen to you, and to help you accomplish your goals.

If you are either wanting to buy, or are considering selling a commercial property, then we say congratulations. Commercial transactions are not as common as buying or selling a residence, so you are in the minority when it comes to real estate transactions. This is why you need a real estate broker with Commercial Real Estate experience and not just another real estate agent.

We understand that many people have a family member or a friend that has a real estate license. When you are choosing a representative for your commercial project, you must make sure to qualify your representation. There can be dire consequences if they don’t know commercial transactions.

Did you know that many real estate companies go to the agent prep schools and recruit new agents?

Do you want a new agent, or would you prefer a salty commercial broker that knows what they are talking about and understands different structures of commercial transactions, including the ambiguities that may snag you up at a later time? Time is money and time is often of the essence with commercial deals. Don’t waste your time, it is too valuable. If you find yourself in a situation where you are not confident in your representation, call us. We will work with your agent to insure your interests are protected, and at the same time we can help an agent in the real estate industry, a win-win.

There are many things to think about in commercial real estate transactions and there is no cookie cutter way to accomplish these tasks. Commercial Real Estate differs from residential real estate, as there are not additional consumer protections and guidelines pamphlets to follow. This makes the process much more sophisticated. This is where Biz Real Estate will help you shine. We take over 20 years of knowledge and deliver it to you making some of the nuance clear.

Biz Real Estate is here to listen to you, and to help you accomplish your goals.


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