Selling a commercial property is not the same as a selling a house. How do you find a comparative analysis when the building is unique and there isn’t one? How do you arrive at a value? How do you market commercial real estate? Is there funding out there to help a buyer purchase your asset if they want to? What are the tax burdens if any? Do I need a 1031 exchange? What is an exchange and do I qualify?

If you have been doing this for a long time you can probably answer some of those questions, but because the market is changing daily, and you may need additional help. If you don’t do this on a regular basis don’t tread the water alone and call Biz Real Estate.

Biz Real Estate doesn’t just list a property for sale, stick a sign out front and wait for the calls. Our brokers have the experience in the industry and the contact base to reach out and find the buyers.

Marketing real estate is a shifting paradigm and keeping ahead of the industry is what we do. We don’t participate in the MLS because it is typically residential based. A sure sign of a brokerage that dabbles in both residential and commercial real estate is if they are on the MLS. Instead we utilize commercial listing databases from sites like Loopnet to the WSJ, so that we are able to market our commercial properties to a global audience. We work locally with other brokerage firms. We also use proprietary systems that we have developed over time to benefit our clients and to sell commercial property.

If you find yourself planning towards selling a commercial property or have made up your mind and are ready to proceed, call Biz Real Estate. In fact, we suggest interviewing at least three brokerages to make sure that you find the right fit to get the most that you can from your investment.

If Biz Real Estate sounds like a fit to serve you with selling your commercial asset call us and we would be happy to see if you a fit for us.

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